Spring Luncheon


We recently catered a baby shower luncheon.

Inspired by the seasonal produce that's growing on our local farms and "springing" up at the farmers' markets, we created a luncheon menu to highlight the local, seasonal fare.

A tray of crudités, with a roasted parsnip & white bean hummus plus an arugula pesto using toasted sunflower seeds.

Next up, a duo of our farmers' market greens salad with lemon-cured chioggia beets.
Followed by our ever so popular chicken roulade.

Lastly, a vegetarian spring lasagna. So good that we were asked to share our recipe. Although it's not the exact recipe, we shared something flexible with any herbs, greens or produce that are in season.  It's definitely deserving of a spotlight on our spring menu! Ask us about it for your next catered event.